NLE Choppa claims that he helped cure someone who suffered from cancer. On Wednesday night (June 9), the “Walk Em Down” emcee took to Twitter to reveal the news to his fans. “Wow, man. Just was informed I helped cure someone from cancer,” he tweeted. “This Major To Me. #ThankGod.”

After receiving backlash from several fans about the accuracy of his statement, he explained how the patient was allegedly cured. “It’s funny cause some people think I’m lying, which is understandable, but that’s nowhere near the case,” he tweeted on Thursday (June 10). “Curing disease is simple, it takes a meatless, dairy-free, sugar-free diet. Implant herbs, Sea mosses, black seed, neem, and other herbs. My mugwort was included in her diet.”

NLE then tweeted a link to his website, which sells items such as seamoss, chlorophyll, detox tea, mugwort, rosemary and incense. “I don’t just sell [these] items to sell them,” he wrote. “I know the impact and what they can do for the mind, body, and spirit. I’ve healed people of allergic reactions in my own house, helped Unc with diabetes, and now cancer. Beyond blessed we here to help and heal.”

The From Dark to Light emcee has been promoting a healthier lifestyle since he made the switch to veganism last summer. Earlier this year, he spoke to The Beet about what inspired him to make the switch to a plant-based diet.

“I meditate a lot, and when I was in the beginning stages of mediation, I peeped how my body would react when I would put certain things in it,” he said. “So, let’s say I meditate for 30 minutes and come out of the meditation with energy. Now I go eat some chicken or a burger or some shit and I get back to being tired, or my mindset gets back to the state of mind I was in before I meditated.”

“So, as I started to peep my body, realize how my body was reacting to certain foods, I told myself that I had to go cold turkey — I just cut out meat completely,” the Memphis rapper added. “I found the nearest vegan place in Atlanta and after that, I’ve been vegan ever since.”

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