/  06.04.2021

The relatives of Pop Smoke’s murder suspect want to have a private conversation with his family. As the Daily News reported, Christopher Darden, the attorney representing 20-year-old Corey Walker, contacted the late emcee’s folks with hopes to set up a meeting between the two families.

“The Walker family has asked me to contact the victim’s family so that they might speak privately,” he told the newspaper. He later reached out to Pop’s mother, Audrey Jackson, but she expressed some skepticism, noting she had “to learn more” before she made her decision.

“They might need time. I will also understand if (his mom) is not inclined to have that conversation,” Darden said.

“Everything we have done and said has been done and said while keeping in mind the great respect we have for the victim and the victim’s family.”

Pop Smoke was killed over a year ago during his stay at a Hollywood Hills mansion. Per authorities at a preliminary hearing, he was taking a shower when masked intruders — who were reportedly in search of the emcee’s Cuban link chain — raided the home. One man held a woman found in the house at gunpoint, while the others made their way to the bathroom.

A 15-year-old — one of four suspects arrested in connection with the crime — confessed to shooting the victim in the back. Walker — who drove to the rapper’s home — told a jail informant that the emcee attempted to defend himself, which resulted in him getting “pistol whipped” and fatally shot in the chest. Walker and the three others have since been charged with murder and robbery. The 20-year-old murder suspect additionally faces a death penalty.

Though Pop Smoke’s mother is still considering whether she will meet with the suspect’s family, she previously said she wants the suspects to face consequences.

“I didn’t know any of this. It’s all new. I just knew my boy was gone,” she said after the hearing. “Now it really feels like he’s not coming back. I don’t know what I thought being here would do. I thought something would happen that would help me feel differently. But to hear they kicked him when he was down. It’s so disrespectful and dishonorable. There was no honor in this. And the irony in this is that those same kids are the kids he said he made music for. There needs to be consequences, sufficient consequences.”


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