It’s been roughly six months since Boosie was injured in a Dallas shooting, but he’s still recovering from his gunshot wounds. The rapper recently sat down with Vlad and gave an update on his current health status and the progress he’s made in the last few months.

According to Boosie, he is no longer in a wheelchair. “I’m walking. I’m performing now,” he told Vlad, adding that his leg hasn’t fully recovered. “It ain’t 100%,” he continued. “I think I got on it too early. It might gotta go back in it, but I ain’t got time. I’m supposed to be damn near almost tryna run yet. I ain’t running yet. My leg…It seems like my damn thing sticking out. Like you can hear it.”

The Baton Rouge rapper proceeded to hit his leg, causing a sound one would hear when banging on metal. Despite the injury, he said, his life will still go on. “It ain’t stopping nothing, you know? I ain’t on no track and field team,” he said before admitting, “They fucked me up.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Boosie was shot while in Dallas, Texas to pay respects to his late friend and collaborator Mo3. An assailant fired at his Sprinter van, which was in the parking lot of Big T Plaza. He was hit in the leg and taken to a nearby hospital where he went underwent surgery to remove the bullet fragments from his foot and place screws that would quicken the healing process.

He’s since reflected on the shooting multiple times on social media and in his music, but the incident, he revealed, has not taken a toll on his mental health. “I don’t have flashbacks on this shit or nothing like that,” he explained. “It ain’t nothing.”

Check out Boosie’s full interview with Vlad below.