Fans have been asking for Romeo Miller and Bow Wow to face-off in a Verzuz matchup since the platform began in March 2020. The two rappers basically grew up in hip hop during the the early 2000s and were constantly compared to one another during their early careers.

Sure, they’ve had some issues with each other in the past but if Jeezy and Gucci could set aside their differences — so can Bow Wow and Romeo. On a recent episode of Fox Soul’s “The Mix,” Romeo shared his thoughts on the two once lil rappers squaring-up.

If Bow Wow do a godddamn battle and it’s not with me, don’t do it. If Bow do a battle, I’m open for it,” Romeo said.

Well, Romeo’s comments reached Bow Wow and the Beware of Dog rapper barked back. “You sure you want this smoke? I see you calling me out. You sure this what you want to do?” Bow Wow tweeted.

Romeo replied to Bow Wow via his Instagram story. “Regarding this Verzuz talk, I’ve gave this man Bow @shadmoss his roses since we was kids and even reached out myself (multiple times) to celebrate him and our era together in a creative way,” he wrote. “I could put my pride to the side if it means doing something positive and bringing back nostalgia for a dope ass generation.”

“Now if you think this is smoke my brother, we could hit up @loganpaul and get on one of those boxing tickets,” Romeo continued. “You know me in real life bro, we aren’t kids anymore; leave that for the fans. This ain’t about the competition for me, this is about showing the impact that 2 young black kids had on the entire industry. That’s the Win. To inspire the next! It’s NoLimit. You got my number, hit me.”

Romeo has released four studio albums. His debut, Lil ‘Romeo, charted the highest at no. 6 on the Billboard 200. Bow Wow has released six solo albums. In 2003, Unleashed reached no. 3 on the Billboard 200 as did Bow Wow’s 2005 follow-up Wanted. Bow Wow has sold over 10 million albums and three of his six projects are certified platinum.

Check out parts of the exchange below: