T-Pain believes producers deserve more credit than they receive. On Sunday (May 9), the “Buy U A Drank” emcee took to Twitter to tell his followers to give producers their flowers for making the beats to the songs they love.

The producers are the ones that deserve all the clout because y’all really don’t be liking these songs, y’all really just like the beats,” he tweeted. “When you hear a certain producer’s tag, you don’t give a fuck who’s on it because you know you gon like the beat. Give them they flowers fr.”

He then said that his fans know exactly what songs he’s referring to and he won’t specifically name them.

“Notice I said, ‘Y’all don’t be liking THESE songs,’” he tweeted on Monday (May 10). “Y’all know what fuckin songs I’m talking about. If I was talking about any other era, I would’ve said ‘THOSE songs.’ We on the same page, but y’all ain’t reading between. Feel me?”

Last month, T-Pain made headlines after he hilariously discovered that his Instagram DM feature had a Message Request folder. He took a video of himself looking defeated as he scrolled through the countless number of messages from celebrities such as Fergie, Diplo, Keri Hilson, Viola Davis, Nate Robinson, YBN Nahmir and more.

“I was today years old when I found out about the request folder on Instagram that’s full of celebs trying to reach me,” he wrote over the clip. “I’ve been accidentally straight up ignoring all these people for like [two] years. I thought DM’s are supposed to just show up in the normal folder and you don’t have to go digging for all these.”

In the video’s caption, he added, “I swear!! I’m just now seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY!!!! How do I super apologize? Press conference? Townhall meeting? I’m dumb.”

Check out T-Pain’s tweets below.