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  /  04.26.2021

Dr. Umar Johnson’s latest interview on “The Breakfast Club” has people on social media in an uproar. During one particular segment, Dr. Umar spoke about how President Joe Biden has not done anything for Black people since he’s been in office. He also spoke about how the anti-Asian hate bill was passed before anti-lynching bills.

President Biden, your first day of office, you signed an executive order to protect the life and safety of transgenders,” he said. “I have no problem with that, but you did it on your first day. But, he sat up here, with you Charlamagne, and told Black people that if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black.”

“So, if you went out of your way begging Black people to vote for you, why haven’t we got an executive order, or any other actviity, coming out of the Oval Office from President Biden to protect Black people from police?” Dr. Umar asked.

He then went on to say that Asians have only been dealing with violence for one year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act was passed by the Senate. However, Black people have been dealing with violence for over 400 years and several lynching bills, including the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Bill, have not been passed by Congress.

After video of Dr. Umar’s interview went viral on social media, several people shared their thoughts on his comments.

Twitter user @RockkStarrrrr tweeted, “Dr. Umar always speaks facts, but a lot of ppl think he’s a joke..ppl didn’t even believe he was going to build them schools and was constantly talking shit about it, but once we seen the development for those schools, it was crickets…it’s so wishy washy.”

“We all laugh at Dr. Umar and I am a part of that, but these are SUPER FACTS coming out his mouth right now & Black ppl haven’t said nothing on this,” tweeted @NewFly_G.

Social media user @KiddTheChef wrote, “Twitter we need this to go viral. We make all the wrong shit go viral, but Dr. Umar telling us the truth. Biden can pass transgender and anti-Asian hate bills, but we Black people have NOTHING TO PROTECT us we have to demand more from him.”

“Dr. Umar engages racism at a surface level which draws people in,” tweeted @AmandaDannielle. “Yet, he is still sexist and homophobic, so what really makes him different than white supremacists when all of the aforementioned work hand in hand in robbing folks of their humanity?”

“Some of the same niggas saying Dr. Umar ‘spittin facts’ dragged Ice Cube for speaking out against the Democrats’ games months ago during the election. Let’s talk about it,” tweeted @_BARENAISSANCE_.

Check out Dr. Umar’s full interview on “The Breakfast Club” below and let us know what you think.


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