Today (4/25), DMX’s loved ones continued to honor the late rapper during a BET telecast of his homegoing. During the emotional event, DMX’s children, his Ruff Ryders family, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and more took to the pulpit at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY as many more looked on.

One notable speaker was none other than Tashera Simmons, the Yonkers legend’s ex-wife of 11 years. During her speech, she broke down how she met DMX, taking us through their collective journey filled with struggle, success, and devout faith in God. At one point, she revealed how quickly they bonded and his effect on her spiritually:

“…I had never in my life, met a young 18-year-old man that had been through what he had been through, and loved the Lord like he did. It was so powerful, that at 18, I wanted to transition to know who was Jesus Christ. I learned about faith with Earl, I learned about forgiveness, I learned about what unconditional love looked like.”

She also revealed a conversation they had about the power of his words:

“He helped me believe in things that I never thought was possible. I knew Earl was a prophet, because of my background, because of the prophets I learned about … and I said to Earl, I said, ‘Earl, I don’t know, man, you ain’t of this world. The stuff you be talkin’ about? You not of this world.’

Today’s funeral service follows yesterday’s memorial event that took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The socially distanced attendees and those tuning in during the live stream saw music performed by Kanye West and his Sunday Service Choir, as well as additional tributes from fellow hip hop artists and collaborators. Prior to that event, DMX’s casket could be seen making its final ride through the streets of New York City on a monster truck.

Those can missed BET’s “Homegoing Celebration” can watch in its entirety here.