Just last month, YBN Nahmir unleashed his Visionland project, and now he has returned to work one of its lead singles some more. The first time we heard “Opp Stoppa” was in 2020, and then he circled back and remixed it with a contribution from 21 Savage. Now, the hit receives a second paint job as YBN Nahmir adds Lil Eazzyy to the mix for a new version. On the track, Nahmir opens it up with his signature catchy flow:

I keep a rocket in my pocket, socket called a pocket rocket/ If it’s war, we ain’t playin’ games, bitch, we get it started, I’m the man, clip it, keep a hundred, nigga, I’m a gunner/ When it’s beef, we ain’t playin’ games, we hit you and yo’ mama/ Know that choppa, that’s that oppa stoppa, hit you and your partner/

Before this, we saw a good amount of singles from Nahmir in 2020. These included cuts like “Wake Up,” “Pop Like This” featuring Yo Gotti, “I Remember,” and “Talkin.” He also had a guest verse on projects like Blueface’s Find The Beat on the closing track “2 Diccs,” and UnoTheActivist and Travis Barker’s collab project Might Not Make It on the track “Doeburger.”

Nahmir made sure to let fans know how he felt ahead of the release. “I know y’all been waiting for this forever because I have, too,” he writes with gratitude. “Shit feel great to finally give y’all what y’all want! Thank you all for this journey. Most of y’all watched me grow into who I am today. Even if you new, I couldn’t of did this shit without you. On that note, y’all turn me the fuck up!

Be sure to press play on YBN Nahmir’s new remix of “Opp Stoppa” featuring a new assist from Lil Eazzyy down below.