Cardi B has never been one to shy away from her thoughts. The Bronx rapper responds to trolls, addresses most accusations and often speaks up about politics and social injustices experienced by the Black community. In her most recent rant, she took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the Daunte Wright shooting and the harassment of Caron Nazario, the Black veteran who was recently pepper sprayed by police officers.

“This past week, we have seen an American lieutenant that served this country get treated like a fucking dog by cops,” Cardi said in a short video found on her Twitter account.

“[He] got maced, got thrown to the floor—mind you, this man served this country—over some fucking license plates that these motherfuckers couldn’t see, temporary license plates.”

“We have seen a young man get killed by a cop, unarmed, and the excuse was the cop that had been on duty for 20-plus years mistakes a gun for a Taser,” she continued. “My thing is, where the fuck are you Twitter blue check Republicans at? Y’all are the loudest in this motherfucking app. Y’all not saying nothing. Y’all not complaining. Y’all blame everything with what’s wrong in America beside the police. Y’all have been very silent. What’s going on?”

As previously reported by REVOLT, Nazario was pulled over and pepper sprayed by cops who refused to provide a reason for the traffic stop. He filed a lawsuit in which he claimed he was the victim of racial profiling, and Joe Gutierrez, one of the cops involved in his mistreatment, was later terminated.

In the case of Wright’s death, Barack Obama and others have spoken out in support of his family, who refuse to believe Officer Kim Potter accidentally shot her son. Potter resigned from her position and is being charged for second-degree manslaughter. Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon also stepped down from his role.

“Ya been real qui[e]t. Twitter Blue check Republicans are a fuckin joke,” Cardi — who is often the target of very public social media attacks from Republicans — captioned her tweet. “I don’t ever want to see yaa ranting on celebrities, athletes until yall address what’s REALLY WRONG IN AMERICA!”