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Cardi B and Candace Owens threaten legal action after Twitter feud

The fiery Twitter war could lead to a lawsuit.

Cardi B / Candace Owens Getty

Cardi B and Candace Owens’ ongoing feud took a turn for the worst last night (March 16) and may result in legal action. The pair’s internet sparring, which caused them both to trend on Twitter, was initially spurred by Owens’ disapproval of Cardi’s Grammys performance.

As reported by REVOLT, Owens appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson earlier this week to criticize Cardi and Megan The Stallion’s Grammys appearance, where they performed their smash-hit, “WAP.” During the segment, the conservative commentator accused the rappers of contributing to the “destruction of American values.”

“It’s terrifying. I think parents should be terrified that this is the direction our society is heading towards,” Owens asserted. “We are weakening America… We are about to see the end of an empire. America cannot survive — it cannot be sustained — with these sorts of values.”

At first, Cardi took the criticism in stride. She responded to her longtime foe on Twitter, writing, “Yaaaayyyyyyy WE MADE FOX NEWS GUYS!!! Wap wap wap.”

She later added, “Matter fact I’m just going to thank Candy. She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales. STREAM ‘UP’ AND ‘WAP.’”

The tweets made their way back to Owens, who accused Cardi of encouraging “young women to strip themselves of dignity.” Cardi responded with a nude model shot of Melania Trump, which she captioned, “I don’t know why Candy is so bothered by WAP. I was just inspired by our former First Lady.”

“Anyways congrats on your new show I hope you speak more about WAP I need to reach a new audience to go 6x platinum,” she added.

The women continued to go back-and-forth, with Cardi reminding Owens of a time when she actually endorsed her. The Twitter exchange took a turn for the worst, though, when Cardi resurfaced a former viral tweet allegedly posted by Owens, in which she confirmed rumors about her husband having an affair with her brother.

Owens claimed the tweet was photoshopped and threatened to sue Cardi for “slandering” her brother, “a private citizen.”

“Are you dead serious right now trying to substantiate a photoshopped tweet?” she wrote. “… I am 100% suing Cardi for that nonsense. You can’t just start throwing out wild lies against private members of my family because you’re upset someone called your [sic] out on your degenerate performance.”

In turn, Cardi said that she would countersue Owens and claimed the tweet was authentic.

“I am going to sue Candy for claiming I photoshopped a tweet that dozens of articles reported about back in November... First she claim[ed] me and my team photoshopped it, now it was a fake tweet. Which one is it,” she wrote. “Everyone is free to Google.”

Eventually, Owens posted a 13-minute video to her Instagram account about the exchange and her intentions to sue Cardi.

Back on Twitter, Cardi invited her to debate “about Trump and Biden,” which Owens said was “tempting, but I’m thinking me and you in a courtroom debating defamation law is what’s around the corner.”

Cardi responded back, “IN THONGS?” See the exchange below.

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