Twitter was in debate-mode Thursday morning (April 8) after one user claimed that OutKast is better than The Beatles.

“When society admits OutKast is better than The Beatles then we can truly start healing,” “Chopped 420” host Ron Funches tweeted.

Funches initially posted the tweet on Sunday (April 4). However, the claim began trending on Thursday after the famed Atlanta duo itself took notice. OutKast retweeted the message and added the eyes emoji, causing further conversation.

OutKast could easily write ‘Hey Jude’ but The Beatles could never write ‘Hey Ya!’ and we won’t be entertaining any rebuttals. Thank you for your time,” one fan tweeted.

Outkast could make ‘Come Together.’ The Beatles could never make ‘So Fresh, So Clean,’” another wrote.

Other fans thought the two groups were difficult to compare — with The Beatles emerging as a British pop-rock sensation in the 1960’s and OutKast cornering Atlanta hip hop and turning the city into a rap hub after their 90’s and 2000’s run.

“I don’t understand slandering The Beatles but I REALLY don’t understand directly tying OutKast to The Beatles. WHY? HOW?” one person tweeted. “The Beatles wouldn’t exist without the Black Rock & R&B artists they grew up listening to/emulating but comparing OutKast & The Beatles like Funk ain’t exist?”

“Outkast moved the entire hip hop industry to Atlanta. That’s like if Hollywood said fuck it let’s take all our meetings in Boston because Matt Damon lives there,” another person wrote. “They are no footnote. They are the best band.”

OutKast hasn’t released an album since 2006’s Idlewild, but fans make the duo trend on Twitter every so often to give them their deserved flowers. Last October, OutKast reissued 2000’s Stankonia for the record’s 20th anniversary, which included previously unreleased remixes.

See the initial tweet, OutKast’s response and the ongoing debate below.