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Twitter shows love to André 3000’s verse on Beyoncé’s 2011 hit, “Party”

Fans debated who had the better verse on Bey’s single: André or J. Cole?

Andre 3000 Getty Images

In 2011, André 3000 appeared on Beyoncé’s hit song “Party,” which was recorded for her fourth studio album, 4. The song, which also saw backing vocals by Kanye West and Consequence, later received an official remix featuring J. Cole along with a music video. Both versions of the Grammy-nominated single are clearly still being celebrated today; as on Friday (Jan. 29), fans took to Twitter to show love to both Cole and 3 Stacks and debate whose verse was better.

Andre 3000 Went Hard af on Beyoncé ‘Party’ Remix,” one fan wrote. “J. Cole Did His As well on remix but Andre tho.”

“Y’all remember when Cole low key snapped on ‘Party?’” another fan wrote.

While some fans shouted out Cole’s verse as their favorite, the majority of the Twitter conversation quickly turned into an all-out love fest for André 3000, which is well-deserved.

Since Andre 3000 trending I’d just like to remind ni**as what he did on the ‘Walk it Out (Remix)’,” one fan wrote.

“I’m glad we are giving Andre 3000 his flowers today because he definitely deserves them,” another tweeted. “I recently read a story that he’s actually not a self-confident person and doesn’t believe in his own artistry. It was shocking to read and I’m really happy to see us all uplift this man.”

Years ago, Cole revealed that he was actually supposed to be featured on the song’s official album version. Speaking with Hot 106’s “Rise & Grind Morning Show,” the North Carolina native reflected on what it was like working with Bey and André.

“I did a version of that before her album [4] even came out,” he said. “I did two verses. I love these verses too, but they ended up going with André’s verse and André killed it... Then [Beyoncé] reached out to me and she wanted me to get on the remix. I did two more verses. Out of the second set that I did, she picked the first verse. But my second verse, I just gotta say for the record… It was just too long; I think she was looking for something shorter and more to the point.”

“It’s just a blessing to even be able to work with [Beyoncé]. I’m on my defensive rapper, like yo man,” he added. “When you follow in André’s 3000’s shoes, you’re expected to really go in. Just the fact to even be on the song with her and shoot the video with her and just be in her presence. She’s such a hard working, incredible artist. I’ll never forget that day we shot the video; I’ll never forget being able to be on that song and hopefully we got more as time goes on.”

See fans’ show love for Cole and André’s “Party” verses on Twitter.

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