Last week, Young Dolph and Key Glock delivered their second joint LP Dum and Dummer 2, which boasts 20 new cuts from the ­Memphis duo. This week, they decided to liberate a new visual for the album closer “Dummest & The Dummest,” a Sosa 808 and 808 Mondo-produced cut that sees the rappers dealing with women and staying focused on the money:

“Jumped up out the car, locked the door, left it runnin’, Lamborghinis back to back, you know how we comin’, while you was in a bitch ear, I was in her stomach, mmm-hmm, yeah, bitch the dumbest and the dumbest/

Fucked her and her best friend, I’m just bein’ honest, I ain’t gon’ do it no more, baby, I’m sorry, I promise…/”

For said video, Dolph and Glock take a slightly different approach from the usual videos, opting for an acting scene of sorts over the song’s instrumental. Presumed to be in the same location as their “Aspen” video, the clip starts with Glock arriving late to a meetup with Dolph at a vacation residence — apparently, his Corvette got stuck in the snow during a run-in with some co-ed neighbors. During the convo, the two talk about bringing women from their trip back to Memphis — hopefully, they’ll continue this entertaining storyline in future releases.

In related news, Dolph recently revealed on social media that he was retiring from music, a declaration that he made last year so he could spend time with his family. This time, it feels like it could be official:

“i hope y’all enjoying the new mixtape, it’s my last project putting out. i wasn’t gonna tell y’all but i thought y’all should know im done with music.”

Press play on “Dummest & The Dummest” below. Hopefully, Dolph will find a reason to get back in the studio.