Last month, Curren$y dropped his latest album Collection Agency, which sees 10 tracks and a single assist from Larry June. One particular standout from the project is “Jermaine Dupri,” a Harry Fraud-produced cut that sees the Louisiana veteran paying homage to the So So Def legend:

“As a teen I watched “MTV Cribs,” Jermaine Dupri had the Continental T in the garage, and said you ain’t a big dog unless you got one of these, yeah, and now I’m driving precision because now I’m that nigga/”

After catching wind of the song, Dupri took to social media to express his appreciation:

“I ain’t gone front and act 2 cool for school ,this is on so many levels, the fact that I inspired someone to title a song after me, a kid from Collipark, is CRAZY!! then to know, the black artist I grew up studying and watching never got this type love until they were gone, man!!!”

Now, Curren$y takes it a step further with a new visual for “Jermaine Dupri,” which is directed by Frankie Fire and is mainly centered around the rapper performing somewhere in the midst of New Orleans nightlife, next to a classic Bentley Continental and other high end luxury cars. At the end, Curren$y also revealed that he and Dupri have some music on the way.

Collection Agency follows a slew of full-length releases throughout 2020, including The Tonite Show with Curren$y with DJ Fresh, Spring Clean with Fuse, The OutRunners with Harry Fraud, The Director’s Cut (also with Harry Fraud), and the Welcome To Jet Life Recordings compilation. Fans also received the EPs 3 Piece Set, Smokin’ Potnas with Fendi P, The Green Tape with Cardo, and Bonus Footage, the last of which makes for three releases alongside the equally busy Fraud.

Press play on “Jermaine Dupri” below.