If there’s anyone who’s excited for Bobby Shmurda to be released from prison, it’s his mother and his closest friend Rowdy Rebel. After getting out of prison himself not too long ago, the GS9 rapper is ready to hit the stage of the biggest hip hop concert in New York City with Shmurda.

During an interview with Hot 97’s TT Torrez posted Friday (Feb. 19), Rebel described how his life has been since he was released from prison. He also stated that he’s looking forward to performing at Summer Jam later this summer along with Shmurda. Rebel said that he doesn’t usually speak for the “Hot N*gga” rapper, but he admits Summer Jam would be “mandatory.”

“We definitely gon’ show up to Summer Jam,” Rebel said. “I normally wouldn’t speak on my brother’s behalf, but I know my brother ain’t gonna miss Summer Jam … Some things are just mandatory, and Summer Jam is mandatory.”

Shmurda has been behind bars since he was arrested along with Rebel in 2014. After spending the last six years in prison, the GS9 leader recently obtained his credit for good behavior. Because of that, the Brooklyn native was approved to serve the rest of his sentence on parole until December 2021. Rebel remained loyal to Shmurda despite being forced to serve out his own seven-year prison sentence.

“We have the same relationship that every family has,” Rebel said. “We argue … but the love overpowers everything, right? We’ve been through some things … and we’ve survived those things, so we appreciate it for each other—we’re thankful for each other.”

Rebel was released back in December and has been buy in the studio ever since. Earlier this month, he released a new song “Jesse Owens” featuring Nav. Watch Hot 97’s full interview with Rowdy Rebel below.