Hailing from Hampton, VA, El Jubo has been on a slow grind to the forefront of the urban music scene, thanks to an infectious, melodic flow and unique style all his own. For his latest, he delivers his new single “Paper,” a Star Light Records release that sees production from fellow Virginia talent Don Kevo. The bass-heavy cut allows Jubo to harmonize about women, money, and other aspects of his successful lifestyle:

“I fill the bag and then go, I take that shit to the coast, niggas be doing too much, why is your pockets so low? Why is your bitch going low? I swear that bitch is a goat, she finna suck it and choke, tell me something I don’t know/

I like to count up this paper … all of these chains, all of this ice/”

The hard-hitting single ends with an appearance from legendary beatsmith Zaytoven, who co-signs his young collaborator as one of the next to break out:

“Ay yo, what up my partner? El Jubo, we rockin’, we in the building, we goin’ up, “Paper,” a banger, believe that…”

El Jubo sees inspiration from hip hop greats like A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, among others — he also pulls from anime in the same way that we’ve seen from current rap stars like Lil Uzi Vert and Sauce Walka. Much of that influence can be seen in previous releases, including more recent loose drops like “One Life,” “DownTown,” “No Hero!,” “No Stylist,” “Chrome Hearts,” “Right Here,” and “Problems.” His last project was the 2019 EP Summer Wars, which featured eight dope cuts — that was preceded by the full-length effort Arbitrary 2, a sequel to 2018’s Arbitrary that boasted 15 genre-bending tracks for fans to enjoy.

Press play on El Jubo’s “Paper” single below.