February is widely known as the month where couples go all out for each other and love is in the air across mankind (this year, COVID is still in the air but you get the point). From love movies and TV show episodes airing across the networks to an abundance of music seeing the light of day, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and Lucky Daye is right on time with the strategic release of his new EP Table For Two. Serving as the follow-up to his Grammy-nominated debut album Painted, Lucky has just put a firm grip on the vibes for the lover’s day coming up.

The New Orleans singer, previously known as D. Brown during a run of being a songwriter and background vocalist, follows a tradition of fellow songwriter-turned-full fledged R&B artists including D’Angelo and Faith Evans. However, he assured that making music behind the scenes wasn’t his end goal. It’s a great deal energy transfer with this release as well. With melanated women heavily showing out on the forefront of R&B in recent times, Lucky Daye is one of the few upcomers that delivers these type of vibes needed to keep the R&B genre alive.

For the project, Daye sure did handpick the features flawlessly. Table For Two has musical contributions from Ari Lennox, Queen Naija, Joyce Wrice, Mahalia, Tiana Major9 and Yebba.

During a generation of R&B when artists are arguably most hands-on with their creative intention, Daye fits right in, nominated in nearly every R&B category of the 2020 Grammys. These days, that’s almost unheard of! The young star is just getting started with his marathon in the industry and judging from his released music up until this point, he’s certainly off to an excellent start.

Press play on Table For Two EP below and be sure to add it to your Valentine’s Day playlist.