Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer has responded to recent claims his client violated the terms of his bond.

On Wednesday (Feb. 3), prosecutors sought to re-arrest Rittenhouse and increase his bond by $200,000 after they claimed he failed to meet requirements and inform the court of his updated address within 48 hours of his move. They discovered the Kenosha gunman relocated from the Illinois address listed with the court when a court order mailed to the home was recently returned.

In response to the prosecutors’ allegations, Mark Richards revealed that Rittenhouse only failed to disclose his exact address because unnamed police officers told him to.

“While I was completing [the bond] form, I was approached by a Kenosha Police Department Captain, who offered his assistance. I asked the Kenosha Police Captain what address to put on the form,” Pierce wrote in a motion sent to Law & Crime. “The Kenosha Police Captain told me that I ‘absolutely should not‘ provide the address of the physical location of the Rittenhouse Safe House on the form, but to instead provide his home address in Antioch, Illinois.”

The cops allegedly advised against providing Rittenhouse’s true address “because of the numerous threats made against Kyle and his family.”

Rittenhouse was arrested after he shot two people and wounded a third during a Jacob Blake demonstration. He was freed on $2 million bond, but prosecutors believe he’s displayed a “carefree attitude” since his release, citing his visit at a local bar as an example.

According to prosecutors, Rittenhouse was caught spending time and flashing white supremacist hand gestures alongside his mother and members of the Proud Boys. The judge modified his initial bond conditions, restricting his contact with white supremacists groups and prohibiting his possession of both alcohol and firearms.

Rittenhouse is due in court on March 10.