The world is remembering the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant today (Jan. 26), one year since the Los Angeles Lakers star passed away with his daughter Gianna and seven others in a tragic helicopter crash. Among the thousands of remembrances and tributes was a note from Magic Johnson, a fellow Lakers legend, who honored Bryant on Twitter.

“Kobe will always be my [Lakers] brother for life,” Johnson wrote. He added, “Thank you God for allowing me enjoy Kobe Bryant for 20 years as a great basketball player, athlete, husband, father, philanthropist, mentor & teacher of the game to many men & women of all ages, best friend to Rob Pelinka, & brother to @jeaniebuss.”

Ice Cube also mourned his late friend, tweeting, “We all miss you Kobe.”

On Instagram, Snoop Dogg added, “Miss u Kobe.”

Women’s tennis hero Billie Jean King tweeted, “The last year showed us life can be unpredictable & fragile. It’s been [one] year since the deaths of Kobe Bryant, Gianna & those on board with them.”

“Kobe was a champion of basketball, but also of women’s sports. He was the ultimate #GirlDad,” she added. “Thinking of his loved ones today.”

Last night (Jan. 25), Kyrie Irving showed up to his Brooklyn Nets game wearing Bryant’s famed No. 8 jersey. Earlier this week, LeBron James and Anthony Davis also reflected on the past year without Bryant.

“It’s a saying that time heals all and as devastating and as tragic as it was and still is to all of us involved with it… it takes time,” James told reporters on Saturday (Jan. 24). “… There’s a lot of things that die in this world, but legends never die and he’s exactly that. So, it’s all about representing that.”

Davis admitted he “still [has] trouble” coping with Bryant’s death, but said that the Lakers united in victory last year as a way to honor his memory.

“When the tragedy happened, it was more so, you know, ‘Let’s do it for him.’ And that’s what we ended up doing all last year,” he reflected. “We know we fought to the end for a purpose and it wasn’t just for ourselves; it was for the Bryant family. And we were able to get that accomplished.”

See more tributes to Bryant’s life and ever-lasting legacy below. RIP to The Black Mamba.