If there’s anything Master P is known for aside from his music, it’s his business acumen and entrepreneurialism. The “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” rapper has been the mastermind behind No Limit Records, Rap Snacks and a few other ventures over the years, urging Black people to join him in being a Black owner along the way. When it was reported the Clubhouse app was valued at $1 billion, he naturally had a few words to say.

“I keep telling people, we go on Clubhouse, we making another one of them a billionaire,” P said in a video posted on Instagram. “We just did it! Just for Clubhouse. We need to create stuff like that to where we control the narrative and we’re able to put the money back in our community and our culture.”

Clubhouse is an audio app for iPhone users that is currently in beta. Despite being an invite-only platform, its number of users has grown tremendously, recently earning a $1 billion investment interest because of engagement from celebrities like Meek Mill and 21 Savage, who the Louisiana star believes should lend their support to Black-owned businesses.

“We all went to Clubhouse and blew this up. You know this guy went to the bank, got whatever he want. He’s gonna take that company public,” said P. “We’re not thinking like that. The only way we gon’ be successful is taking these companies public. That’s the way you build wealth. We create so much wealth for them.”

Master P has seen much success in the business world, and he shows no signs of letting up. The No Limit founder has recently expressed interest in buying Reebok, noting his plans to turn the shoe brand into a lifestyle brand. He has also partnered with former Tesla engineer Richard Patterson to make Black-owned supercars.