Wuki and Smokepurpp have teamed up to deliver a brand new, high energy track titled “Birdz.” The cover art displays folks experiencing the heart-dropping sensation a theme park ride brings, which matches the energy the two have cooked up on this track as Purpp slides over Wuki’s beat:

Lil Purpp bring a lot of birdz out. Bring a lot of hoes and bring a money out./ It’s the good day outside so I just might bring the whole ‘rari out. Yoppa in the backseat and he got 38 just might lick a bitch, air it out./ Walk in the party with and AK, take all the bitches and clear it out. 2 iphones they ringing, 2 iphones they ringing, 2 choppas they singing, bitches in the kitchen. I’m on whole a new level./ I take your bitch she put me on her pedestal.

Wuki has collaborated with Juvenile, Yung Baby Tate, Stoppa, Diplo, Shaq, Skrillex, Slayyyter, among many others. He scored his first-ever grammy nomination in January 2019 for his remix of the Miley Cyrus hit ‘Mother’s Daughter’ and was a viral trending artist last year via TikTok, with his song ‘Better’ reaching over five million global videos.

Last year, Smokepurpp joined fellow Floridian Denzel Curry his “What I Please” music video. Back in June, Purpp released the Florida Jit project, which sees 17 tracks and appearances from Lil Pump, Young Nudy, Denzel Curry, Rick Ross, and Jack Harlow. He also dropped a new single titled “Said Alotta Things” later in the summer which is produced by Bobby Raps and Thank You Fizzle. More recently, Smokepurpp can be heard on “Gelato” alongside Eladio Carrion and Duki. His other bodies of work were Deadstar 2 and Lost Planet 2.0, which both hit streaming services in 2019.

Be sure to check out Wuki’s brand new “Birdz” track featuring SmokePurpp down below.