After prepping fans with singles “Thousand Pills” and “Little Vicious,” Boldy James and producer Real Bad Man officially unleash their Real Bad Boldy project. The new body of work is equipped with 10 tracks and includes features with Stove God Cooks, Meyhem Lauren and Eto.

The new project comes at a time in Boldy’s life where he’s well-seasoned with real life experiences to speak about. “With Real Bad Boldy, I’m talking about my life before music; before I caught this second wave that I got right now. Things that I am into, this art of hustling” Boldy said about the project in a statement. “I didn’t really make it in this industry as a youngin,’ I made it once I got a little older and I feel I am in my prime now.”

Boldy James can also recently be heard on the outro of the freshly released Burnout 4 project by the duo LNDN DRGS and also Heem’s Black Soprano Family debut project Long Story Short. In terms of being a co-pilot for projects, Boldy has already previously released several collaborative offerings including with The Alchemist for The Price Of Tea In China, Sterling Toles for Manger On McNichols and his Griselda debut The Versace Tape.

In a previous interview with REVOLT, Boldy delves into how his ability to adapt to any environment to create in stems from his humble beginnings:

I can work in any environment. I’ve worked in environments where there weren’t any studios or beats. Anytime I got locked up, I was still writing raps. I’m not no bougie n**ga. I ain’t one of them prissy, pansy-ass n**gas who act like a diva and need to record in big studios and certain s**t needs to be tailor-fit to what they need it to be catered to or they don’t feel the energy to create. I’m from the ghetto. I come from nothing. I’m not content with having nothing, but I know where I’m from. So, it doesn’t bother me. I could work in a whole in the wall, bulls**t Fruity Loops studio (laughs).

Check out the new Real Bad Boldy down below.