TIME Magazine announced its four finalists for Person of the Year on Thursday (Dec. 10), and one nominee has raised some eyebrows. The finalists include Joe Biden; Dr. Anthony Fauci and frontline healthcare workers; the “Movement for Racial Justice,” represented by George Floyd; and Donald Trump.

While several Twitter users hopped on the platform Thursday morning to criticize Trump’s inclusion in TIME’s “short-list,” the outlet noted that the Person of the Year is selected for doing “the most to influence the events of the year… for better or for worse.”

According to TIME, President-Elect Biden was acknowledged for his “historic” electoral win this year, referring to his achievement of receiving more votes than Barack Obama, who previously held the record for most votes of any presidential candidate.

Dr. Fauci, a leading member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, was commended for “doing rounds at the hospital” and becoming “the most visible scientific leader in the U.S. in 2020.” TIME also included the efforts of all essential workers in the honor — including healthcare professionals, postal workers, sanitation workers, transportation workers and more — for “risk[ing] their lives and… [saving] countless other lives.”

The tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers sparked months of protests, global social justice movements and legislative reform. TIME acknowledged these demonstrations’ impact on 2020, writing, “In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, protesters took to the streets, demanding action to fight racial injustice at the hands of police and any entity that embodies systemic discrimination. There have been some positive outcomes since the movement started but it’s far from over.”

However, some Twitter users were upset that the publication used “Racial Justice Movement” rather than Floyd’s name, despite using his photograph.

“Racial justice movement? Say his name: George Floyd,” one person tweeted.

“Why not something like ‘George Floyd and the racial justice movement’ like they did for Fauci?” another wrote.

As for Trump’s inclusion, TIME writes, “Similar to every year he’s been in office, Trump’s had an immense influence on 2020.” The magazine noted the criticism Trump’s administration has faced in its handling of the Coronavirus and his ongoing allegations of voter fraud in an attempt to overturn his loss in the presidential election.

The official Person of the Year will be unveiled tonight during a special broadcast at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. Ahead of the broadcast, TIME has announced that LeBron James is the recipient of 2020 Athlete of the Year. The TIME Entertainer of the Year has also been revealed as BTS.

See some reactions to the four finalists on Twitter below.