Boldy James has teamed up with producer Real Bad Man for their upcoming project Real Bad Boldy, which will be released next month on Dec 11. To give fans a taste of the upcoming body of work, the duo shared “Thousand Pills,” “On Ten,” and now the freshly released “Little Vicious.” On the new track, Boldy delivers a verse about his humble beginnings:

Once the trust is broke and all the love is lost, that’s when the gloves come off. I’m from Detroit where even plugs run off. Had to catch up with my crowd n****s, forcin’ my hand. Was happier when I was poor with my friends. Went to war for my fam, took a score for them bands. Man make the money, that shit don’t make you more of a man. Was once a lil’ giant, but now I got this shit down to a science.

The emcee has already previously released several collaborative projects including with The Alchemist for The Price Of Tea In China, Sterling Toles for Manger On McNichols and his Griselda debut The Versace Tape. The upcoming project also features collaborations with Stove God Cooks, Meyhem Lauren and Eto.

In a previous interview with REVOLT, Boldy details the type of environment he needs to work in, which is essentially any type of environment he’s thrown into as long as it’s genuine:

I can work in any environment. I’ve worked in environments where there weren’t any studios or beats. Anytime I got locked up, I was still writing raps. I’m not no bougie n**ga. I ain’t one of them prissy, pansy-ass n**gas who act like a diva and need to record in big studios and certain s**t needs to be tailor-fit to what they need it to be catered to or they don’t feel the energy to create. I’m from the ghetto. I come from nothing. I’m not content with having nothing, but I know where I’m from. So, it doesn’t bother me. I could work in a whole in the wall, bulls**t Fruity Loops studio (laughs).

Listen to the new track “Little Vicious” down below.