After presenting his “Be Mine” visual to fans earlier this month, Pi’erre Bourne returns to share a double loaded treat with his two new animated videos for his songs “Ballad” and “Routine” from the same project. On the track, P’ierre eases the mind of his significant other:

You sure are gorgeous. Worried’ ‘bout your ex, worried’ ‘bout your ex. You should be worried ‘bout what’s next. Worried’ ‘bout your ex. Worryin’ got you stressed. Hurry, don’t get left. You overthink a lot. My feelings you forgot. You forgot all the time, pullin’ up to your spot. That’s like an hour drive. I come to you a lot, I’m fuckin’ you a lot. I’m lovin’ you a lot, I don’t wanna stop. Baby, you’re my rock.

For both videos, the animation work was done by Lucas Ansel. “Ballad” and “Routine” are the fifth and sixth songs on The Life Of Pi’erre 4, respectively. The TLOP 4 project dropped back in 2019, but he unleashed the deluxe version in June of this year, with the lengthy project holding 31 songs total. Just last week, P’ierre joined forces with Chavo to release their collaboration project Chavo’s World.

In a recent interview, Pi’erre gave some insight about what the future holds for his The Life Of Pi’erre series:

I’ve had other album titles and project titles in the past that I still want to revisit. So I might do that, and redo songs from high school and college. But I want to stop at The Life Of Pi’erre 5 because I feel like I’ve done a lot of them. I actually want people to catch up on the other ones. Hopefully after TLOP5, we’ll be able to remaster 1, 2, and 3, and put those on Apple and Spotify. But I definitely want to wrap up The Life Of Pi’erre because my initial objective for this whole series was to get Kanye’s attention, and I kind of got that while I was working on TLOP4. So I’m pretty much cool with what I’ve accomplished with it.

Check out both visuals for “Ballad” and “Routine” down below.