If you’ve been a fan of hip hop since the 1990s, then you know that Bow Wow has hits. Since first stepping onto the scene as Lil Bow Wow, the artist would almost instantly become a household name and a phenom in the entertainment industry. He was one of the biggest child stars at the time and millions of fans — both his age and older — couldn’t get enough of Mr. 106 & Park.

Unfortunately, Wendy Williams, an OG in the hip hop journalism game, and current talk show host disagrees. During her show’s airing on Tuesday (Nov. 24), Williams questioned the Doggy Bag artist’s talent. While speaking to her audience in her “Hot Topics” segment, she asked, “Name one hit record that Bow Wow has had in his 27-year career.”

Peep that moment below.

And, of course, fans of Bow Wow shared their thoughts on social media. “Bow Wow a legend respect him as such,” Stephen Boateng wrote on Instagram.

On Twitter, someone with the username @kandimarie_ said: “Not Wendy trying my mans Bow Wow like that like I said earlier, Bow Wow is an OG in the game.. a legend! Put some respect on his name!”

Another person named @Melaninmajic added: “Wendy Williams asked [to] name one hit by Bow Wow…SIS YOU REALLY TRIED IT!!!”

Over the weekend, Bow Wow made news for telling older rappers to respect today’s artists in the game. In his IG stories, he wrote: “Some of these older guys are starting to look like haters. You not pose to understand the music but lets praise these young artist[s] for making a way for themselves. Some of y’all old heads have to accept its over and find a new way to continue on your legacy. Doesn’t look good on y’all resume.”

The star added: “I’m all for whats going on. I love what these young brothaz is doing! Keep it up you guys are now! And the future of this business … don’t let anyone tell you different.”

What do you think of the OG Wendy Williams comments aimed at the former child artist?