With every political campaign comes a resurgence of information about the candidates running for office. Though the Biden-Harris run has ended with their victory, Twitter users are going crazy after learning part of the vice president-elect’s dating history.

On Friday (Nov. 13), photos of Kamala Harris and former talk show host Montel Williams resurfaced. The picture captures the two alongside Williams’ daughter Ashley at a 2001 charity event in Los Angeles. As people searched for more information about the couple, it turned out the news wasn’t so new.

Last year, Williams confirmed he and Harris dated almost two decades ago. “@KamalaHarris and I briefly dated about 20 years ago when we were both single. So what? I have great respect for Sen. Harris. I have to wonder if the same stories about her dating history would have been written if she were a male candidate?” he tweeted.

Still, the revelation didn’t stop Twitter users from reacting as they always do upon learning new information. Some people mentioned that Harris and Williams dating was old news, questioning why the story was even trending, while others seemed appalled by the discovery.

“I’m yelling at Montel Williams trending for dating Kamala Harris,” one tweet read. “The KHIVE knew about this since forever. Next issue.”

One user praised Harris for dating “a snack.” A few tweets said the former talk show “fumbled the bag” and missed his chance at becoming the nation’s second gentleman.

Amid the reactions, people began to notice there was some confusion between Williams and the “This Is How We Do It” singer, Montell Jordan. “Some of ya’ll don’t know the difference between Montel Williams and Montell Jordan??” one Twitter user asked.

Williams even chimed in on the conversation, taking the opportunity to bring attention to a veteran who is being detained in Russia. “Since I’m apparently trending…@freetrevorreed is a Marine veteran who has been wrongfully held 451 days by the Russian Government,” he wrote before directing users to a GoFundMe page.

Look below to see how Twitter reacted to the news that Harris and Williams used to date.