Chris Brown is getting ready to give fans what they want. The “Go Crazy” singer is teasing a collaboration album between himself and Drake. The R&B crooner appeared on The Fat Joe Show on Instagram Live and shared that he and the rapper might have a joint project in the works.

Fat Joe asked him if there were any plans of doing a collaboration project, similar to 2002’s The Best of Both Worlds collaborative album by R. Kelly and JAY-Z. “Yeah. I think we wanted to shock the world,” Brown said. “We got some songs. We definitely got some songs. We got some heat…It’s definitely going to be something that we’re working on that’s gonna be crazy.”

Fat Joe reacted praising the decision as well as the duo’s ability to make timeless music like their 2019 hit song “No Guidance,” which Joe says still feels fresh. “That sh-t is gonna kill everything, man,” the Terror Squad rapper said. “That sh-t is going to kill everything because still when I hear it, it feels brand new. It feels like it just came out today. That’s something that’s so hard to do.”

Drake and Chris Brown album. You got me f-cked up,” the “Lean Back” rapper added.

“It’s definitely going to be something that we’re working on,” the singer said. “That’s going to be crazy.”

“That’s gon’ be the biggest album ever made in history…Bigger than the Beatles, all that. I promise you that’s going to be bigger than the Beatles,” the “All The Way Up” rapper said. “I’m so happy for the fans, that the fans are able to see Drake and Chris Brown put together a whole album, body of work. That sh-t is crazy.”

When asked if he would participate in a Verzuz battle, Brown said the only person he would go against is himself. “I feel like statswise, like songs, if you sit there and push play,” he said. “I have so many songs, I can just do the features themselves of the people I’ve done features with.”

The pair released their song “No Guidance” in June 2019. The track debuted at No. 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100, making it Brown’s 15th top-ten song and Drake’s 34th top ten on the chart.