Juicy J is displeased with Arby’s after learning the fast food restaurant might have sampled a Three 6 Mafia song without their consent.

The restaurant, known for its wide variety of sandwiches, released a commercial in 2017 to promote their triple thick brown sugar bacon sandwich. In the ad, the words “triple thick” are heard repeatedly much like the “triple six, triple, triple six” lyrics in the rap group’s song “Now I’m Hi Pt. 3.”

When Juicy got wind of the news, he took to Twitter and expressed his thoughts. “Good morning!” he wrote. “I Just found out Arby’s used a Three 6 sample in their commercial without clearing it hmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Some people don’t understand my hustle. When y’all sleep, I’m up getting a bag mane. No cappuccino,” he continued. He later deleted the initial tweet, explaining, “My lawyer called, said take down the tweet. Arby’s will figure it out.”

The Arby’s commercial that Juicy may be referring to can be found on YouTube, but it is no longer airing on television. In the case that the restaurant profited off the ad, Three 6 Mafia may be entitled to a cut.


The Memphis rappers have not taken copyright violations lightly. They recently filed a $6.4 million lawsuit against $uicideboy$ for “illegally sampling and stealing” from them.

$uicideboy$ denied the allegations, claiming Three 6 does not own the copyright to many of the songs they were accused of stealing from. They insisted Juicy gave them permission to use the copyright material for the songs the Memphis group does own.

“They ($uicideboy$) didn’t have no verbal agreement with Juicy J,” DJ Paul told XXL. “They was using our music before they even met Juicy J. Nah, he didn’t do that. They lying.”

Look below to compare the Arby’s commercial to Three 6 Mafia’s “Now I’m Hi Pt. 3.”