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Meet Seed of 6ix, the next chapter of Three 6 Mafia

Music is in our bloodline.

For over 20 years, Three 6 Mafia has been a permanent fixture in the hip-hop history books, yielding an influence that has stretched all the way from the underground to the sonic makeup of today's generation of rap stars. Whether through samples or their signature fuck-everything DNA that continues to breed this current SoundCloud era, the influence of the group looms larger by the wave. Carrying on the baton of the Memphis legends is Locodunit and Lil Infamous, two burgeoning rappers from the Three 6 Mafia bloodline.

As Seed of 6ix, the two rappers continue the latest chapter of the storied group. Locodunit, nephew of DJ Paul, and Lil Infamous, son of the late Lord Infamous, are the next in line to carry the torch. Hoping to carry on the legacy, the group spoke to REVOLT about being next in line.

Being a part of the bloodline of one hip-hop's greatest groups 3-6 Mafia, what does their impact in hip-hop mean to you?

Locodunit: It means everything. Without Three 6 Mafia, it wouldn't be a Seed of 6ix, it wouldn't be a lot of rappers that's out today. They paved the way for 80% of hip-hop. That's why it's so many people sampling them right now. The whole music scene sound like Three 6.

Lil Infamous: Yea Three 6's impact not only laid the foundation for our group, but also influenced a generation of artists in hip-hop today. Without them, we wouldn't have this great opportunity.

How was it growing up as a kid in a Three 6 Mafia household?

Locodunit: For me, with my dad being DJ Paul's brother and with me wanting to be a rapper, it was kind of cool. It was very musical, my dad kept vinyls and classic cassettes that I used to record over with my raps and he used to get mad. [Laughs] He had a big organ in the middle of the house, so that kind of made me want to make beats too and he kept Three 6 Mafia plaques on the wall that Paul gave him. I also used to go to the Three 6 studio all the time. So with all of that going on, I kind of started early.

Lil Infamous: Growing up, you're exposed to different things. However, I can best describe it as an overall normal experience, because it's not anything out of the ordinary to you as a kid.

Tell us a little about the origin of Seed of 6ix?

Lil Infamous: The name "Seed of 6ix" is a nod to us actually being the descendants of Three 6 Mafia. Me being the son of Lord Infamous and Locodunit the nephew of DJ Paul. We also wanted the group's name to pay homage to 36.

Locodunit: Yeah, like the the Next Generation of Three 6 . Seed of 6ix was actually our first mixtape title and we [were] like, it would be dope to name our group that.

How did this decision to make music as a group come together?

Locodunit Well, I had been rapping on a serious note since like 2009 and Lord Infamous was so happy that I was rapping that he actually gave me one of my first features with him and Paul. In 2013 he passed. In 2015, a mutual fan that me and Lil Infamous had, brought us together on Facebook. I reached out and we came out with our first tape and named it Seed of 6ix. People loved it because they said it reminded them of Lord and Paul all over again, like a little Three 6.

Lil Infamous: Music is in our bloodline. We decided to form a group because we were the only one's who could continue the 36 sound, which is the sound that inspired us both to become musicians. Rarely do you have the opportunity to create something so great and unique with your own family.

What impact are you looking to make in today's music scene?

Lil Infamous: We want to show a different side of the South. No disrespect to other artists, but a lot lack originality and we want to prove once again how unique and talented we can really be.

Triple Six's music was is often associated with darkness, drugs, and more. What would you say your music is influenced by?

Locodunit: Well, the Apple don't fall far from the tree [Laughs]. I grew up listening to them and actually seeing them in the studio and what was going on because my dad and Paul always been close. On top of that, Memphis is a dark place and I'm from Memphis, so I grew up around all the crazy stuff that goes on in Memphis. So it's hard not to be influenced by that.

Lil Infamous: We're influenced by various sounds and genre's of music. Our music is influenced by how we grew up and our surroundings. And of course Three 6 plays a huge factor in our topics.

What can we expect from the Seed of 6ix in the coming months?

Lil Infamous: In the near future you can expect us to make a big push in the music scene. We look to set ourselves apart from the norm and show our talent as musicians.

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