It’s been about a month of so since Phora took to social media to reveal that he was battling depression, PTSD, and more, something that many of us can relate to now more than ever. Following such an amazing level of transparency, the California artist returned back to the studio to create some new music alongside west coast peer Jhené Aiko. Today, that collaboration is revealed to be the melodic “Stars In The Sky,” which sees the two artist harmonizing about falling in love with their respective soulmates:

“Your eyes shine like the stars in the sky, you the one that make me feel alive, I just wanna be the reason why, reason why you smile all the time/

I just wanna be the one you need, butterflies every time I breathe…/”

“Stars In The Sky” is expected to appear on Phora’s long-awaited sequel to his 2016 project With Love. His last body of work was last year’s Bury Me With Dead Roses, which acted as his first independent release since his departure from Warner Records. His two major label releases, Yours Truly Forever and Love Is Hell, made landfall in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Phora spoke on parting ways with Warner in an interview with REVOLT:

“In the beginning… it was all fun, but I was signed to Warner Bros. and… they got a new CEO, new everything. When people leave and new people come in, everything starts to change. But, it’s always all love with the people… the biggest difference is there’s no one in my ear telling me who I should be, who I should sound like, what I should do. I can truly be myself, be the person I want to be and convey that message to the world without any obstacles standing in the way of that.”

Press play on “Stars In The Sky” below.