The music industry has earned a reputation as being one of the most competitive fields. With over 40,000 new songs being added to digital streaming platforms every day, artists must figure out innovative ways to stand out above the rest and work tirelessly to ensure their music reaches as many ears as possible. Having the drive and confidence to pursue one’s passion is an integral part of embodying a fighting spirit — something that is necessary to earn the respect and recognition lasting careers are built upon.

In the music game, authenticity is rewarded, encouraging artists to stay true to themselves in the pursuit for greatness. The stars who are destined to make a significant impact are often self-made, speaking to how following one’s own path yields incredible results — even if the journey to the top may take longer. REVOLT’s “Untapped” series celebrates those who are in the trenches by highlighting artists who are working to build a strong momentum. Let’s take a closer look at two artists who are gaining popularity by fighting the good fight with their music.


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Proudly hailing from East Oakland, Capolow is a rapper whose story of resilience is hard-pressed to ignore. First experimenting with music at a young age, he went on to start a group with his childhood friends and began honing his talents as a rapper. Early on in life, Capolow dealt with a handful of roadblocks that temporarily stole his focus away from his aspirations in music from legal issues to mourning the loss of numerous friends.

Becoming a father at the age of 19 ignited a newfound motivation for Capolow to pursue his rap career in a more serious capacity. He began gaining traction with loose singles such as “Highway Robbery,” “Drop That Bag,” “Drip” and “Down,” which amassed hundreds of thousands of streams. Capolow’s dedication to his craft, paired with his ability to rise above when faced with adversity, is helping to motivate others to work toward a better way of life.

From joining Shoreline Mafia on tour to being featured on Kamiyah’s highly anticipated Got It Made project, Capolow’s unrelenting drive is winning over new fans with every passing day. As part of Cinematic Music Group’s versatile roster, he’s destined to achieve big things.


As exemplified by the milestones Stunna Girl has reached the past year alone, a lot can change in a short amount of time as long if you’re willing to put in the hustle required. While the Sacramento native has always had an interest in making music, it wasn’t until a couple years ago that she officially began embarking on a career as a rapper and recorded her first tracks.

Showcasing her impeccable freestyling abilities and penchant for weaving encouragement into her rhymes, Stunna Girl recorded her breakout hit “Runway” in thirty minutes flat. The uplifting anthem, which was produced by Helluva Beats, was released in Feb. 2019, and months later took the TikTok world by storm. Since the empowering song went viral, it’s been featured in over 3 million videos on the app and has amassed over 28 million streams on Spotify — and counting.

Since the release of “Runway,” the artist has remained focused on developing her sound with confidence. As someone who overcame obstacles such as spending time in juvenile detention centers throughout her youth, Stunna Girl’s fighting spirit is an undeniable part of her character. With a clear vision and eyes set on the future, Stunna Girl is determined to inspire others to become self-made men and women as well, all while unapologetically proving her own haters wrong.

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