We need more Eboni K. Williams in this world! As REVOLT’s own “State of the Culture” co-host alongside Joe Budden, Remy Ma and Jinx; she also recently became the permanent host and executive producer for “REVOLT BLACK NEWS.”

The Charlotte, North Carolina native has a true desire for sharing and educating news relevant to Black culture. Beyond that, she’s a well-respected television host, speaker, author, and attorney who uses her voice to speak on all topics ranging from politics to social justice to sports to pop culture. Her incredibly impressive resume actually highlights her work of hosting a number of different programs on Fox Sports, Fox News Channel, NBA 2K and more.

While we can list her endless achievements and accolades, the biggest takeaway is her ability to lead and represent for the Black community. Her mantra: “Women shouldn’t hide their beauty. Instead, they should embrace it as a positive and powerful asset.”

In honor of her hosting the entrepreneurial “Legal Protection in Entertainment and Production: Diversifying and Expanding Your Enterprise” workshop at the 2020 REVOLT Summit, we compiled seven facts about the media boss. Check them out below.

1) Eboni went to college at the young age of 16.

As a teenager, high school can be one of the most exciting, yet pivotal periods of your entire life. Typically, a small percentage of students excel and are able to skip a grade — but Eboni exceeds all expectations. At age 16, she was accepted and enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

2) She attended law school and obtained her Juris Doctor degree.

In addition to obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she studied Communications and African-American Studies, she went on to attend law school at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. After receiving her Juris Doctor degree — paving the way for a career as a lawyer — Eboni went on to specialize in family law and civil litigation, and consulted on divorce, spousal support, and child custody cases.

3) Eboni spent time in Louisiana helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

While college and education is important, there’s nothing more valuable than being on-site and working directly with the community. Eboni spent time in Louisiana after the detrimental results of Hurricane Katrina. As a law student, she clerked for Louisiana’s Secretary of State and the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office. She’s also worked for multiple politicians by supporting them in their efforts to rebuilt the city of New Orleans.

4) She released her first book in September 2017.

Making her literacy debut in 2017, Eboni released her book titled Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance & Success. The title alone speaks volumes about her being a Black professional who’s able to educate and inspire others.

5) Eboni walked away from her position at Fox News.

While Fox News has proven to be a go-to outlet for news, the company also comes with its own baggage. For Eboni, she walked into the workplace with the knowledge that she wasn’t going to be comfortable and was more than willing to take on the challenge. After joining the team in 2015, she made the bold decision to walk away end of 2018 to pursue new opportunities.

6) She created a curriculum called “White People’s Homework.”

For all the white people in the country wondering what they can do to help, as we protest and participate in the Black Lives Matter movement, she created her own curriculum/cheat sheet to educate and inform. It breaks into two categories: basic and advanced. This means reading articles and books, watching documentaries, and everyone doing their part to push for change.

7) She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Eboni is proud to be part of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, which was founded at HBCU campus Howard University in 1908, and now over 300,000 members across this nation. The principles of the foundation are to build women into unstoppable individuals who can take over the world, while uniting women as one. When it comes to shining stars who can help their community, Eboni does not let up in the slightest.