NBA Youngboy has had the game in a chokehold for some time now. Being one of the most consistent new-coming artists since the release of his first mixtape Life Before Fame, the Baton Rouge rapper has been applying some serious pressure without breaking a sweat. Normally known for his random drops on Youtube, it’s always music to his fans’ ears when he actually announces the release of any of his projects. When he announced the release on August 20, millions of fans worldwide went into a frenzy (and rightfully so). Today, Youngboy came through on his promise with the release of his second studio album Top.

While still riding the success of the infectious hit “Need It” with the Migos, Youngboy’s Top couldn’t have came at a better time. Despite it not even being released until today, the album landed the number one spot on Apple Music’s chart — which is very impressive seeing as though there were only a handful of records out from the project at the time. This goes to show you the power of his fan base and how hungry they were for Top’s release.

Recently, social media users couldn’t help but attempt to strike a beef between NBA Youngboy and Roddy Ricch when Top’s cover art was revealed, showing undeniable similarities. In a series of since-deleted tweets, the Los Angeles rapper addressed the situation without directly naming YoungBoy. “It’s only ONE roddy,” he tweeted. “And I been fucced wit dude so don’t make it about him… I’m juss tired of all the comparing shit…”

Over the course of 18 records, Youngboy’s sophomore effort is a pretty solid body of work and deserves every spin possible. He only secured two features from Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg so its evident that he’ll be spitting ether under the solo act (as usual). In a recent tweet, the 20-year-old rapper debated if he should have 21 songs instead of 18 — so there’s a strong possibility that he’ll be releasing the deluxe version in the near future.

Stream Top below.