Earlier this month, Cordae announced he was removing the “YBN” from his stage name after he and the group decided to go their separate ways.

At the time, he hadn’t yet provided the reason for the group’s split, but in a recent interview with TIDAL’s Elliott Wilson, he finally gave fans the answer they’d been seeking.

“Nahmir and Jay, those always gonna be my brothers in real life,” he said. “Like I think the world of them cats. Sometimes as friends you grow apart, and you have different visions for what you wanna do and that’s okay. There’s no love lost. Like I said, I think the world of them n*ggas. I love my n*gga Jay to death, and yeah, that’s just that really.”

YBN Nahmir, the founding member of the Young Boss Niggas group, was the first to reveal the collective had disbanded, noting in a tweet that he was the only remaining member.

“They left this YBN sh*t in the gutter,” he wrote at the time. “Remember that. I’ll turn it up myself.”

Cordae followed up with his name change, which was confirmed as the “YBN” is no longer listed alongside his name on streaming and social media platforms.

As for former member Almighty Jay, he still uses the affiliation on music services. Though he has yet to break his silence on the group’s break-up, he shared he’s finally found his sound in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“I finally mastered my sound, and I’m comfortable with me new music and direction,” he wrote. “If you don’t fuck with it unfollow me & don’t listen to it. I apologize.”

YBN was founded in 2014 and comprised of members YBN Carl, Dayday, Glizzy, Malik, Manny, NickyBaandz, Walker and Coop. Prior to the group’s disunion, however, Cordae, YBN Almight Jay and YBN Nahmir were the main faces of the collective.