If there is one thing you can expect from Fat Joe, it’s that he will share his honest opinion even if it’s an unpopular one.

The rapper called into V-103’s “The Kenny Burns Show” and spoke to the Atlanta personality about music and television among other things.

While discussing the music industry, the two exchanged their views on the ongoing JAY-Z vs. Drake debate. Burns voted for the latter, attributing his decision to a “passing of the torch.” “When there’s a passing of the torch, the passing of the mic happens,” he explained before Fat Joe chimed in with a cosign. “I think he [Drake] got the title,” the “Lean Back” rapper began. “JAY-Z grew up, he’s more of a business man now, and so the only thing Drake can do now is try to find that money like JAY-Z has. Music wise, JAY-Z’s not really thinking about the music like Drake is. He’s playing a game called, ‘Get my billions up. I’m already one of the greatest ever in hip hop.’ Me, I think he’s the greatest ever, personally.”

Fat Joe’s commentary on the JAY-Z vs. Drake debate is not the first time he’s expressed his thoughts on the Toronto rapper’s musical genius.

During a conversation with Rick Ross, he compared the “6 God” star to the late King of Pop.

Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with, and let’s be clear, every song he does goes No. 1, and he’s just like, the Michael Jackson of this time.”

Joe’s honesty, storytelling and network of friendships form the foundation of “The Fat Joe Show,” which was recently picked up by REVOLT.

During his conversation with Burns, he talked about the show’s start and the role it played on his mental health.

“It was very therapeutic for me,” he explained. “I had to get on Lives and start talking to them [his fans] and trying to cheer them up and tell them stories. And before you know it, I realized they helped me.”