Today was one for the books as two heavyweights from the south went head-to-head for another Verzuz Battle. 2 Chainz and Rick Ross took to Instagram Live with club bangers and hard-hitters to take us all on a trip down music memory lane. In attendance was, of course, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, who was also in the studio with the guys. Others watchers included DJ Khaled, Noreaga, Cardi B, Busta Rhymes, Chloe x Halle, Fat Joe, Big Sean, Keyshia Cole, Saweetie and so many more. Views reached over 200,000 at one point as fans flocked to catch the battle and hear their favorite songs.

The two, who share multiple songs together, showed plenty of brotherly love, making it hard to pick a winner. Since the two are friends in real life, they vibed out while the world witnessed a piece of history. Take a look at some of the most unforgettable moments of the battle below.

1. Rick Ross’ Introduction

Rick Ross dropped the first song with “BMF” coming in strong. He made sure to let everyone know, regardless of your location, he was taking you to his hometown of Miami tonight. In a comical moment, 2 Chainz, however, let everyone know he had the first song and that Ross swiped it. But, in good sportsmanship, he followed up with “Riot” and the battle officially began.

2. When “I’m Different” Hit Different

For his second song, 2 Chainz hit us with “I’m Different” and it truly was. Mid-verse, he switched it up, putting a “Blow the Whistle” sample on the track, a version that might be necessary once outside officially opens.

3. Stunt 101

Both rappers are known for having the finest clothes and expensive jewelry, and his battle was no different. 2 Chainz decked his neck out with a large emblem diamond chain and with both wrists iced out. Ross matched his energy with designer tops and multiple diamond chains, bracelets, and a watch to match. Must be nice…

4. Tity Boi’s Return

Before 2 Chainz, it was Tity Boi and at the time, he and Dolla Boy teamed up to build Playaz Circle and dropped their first single, “Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil’ Wayne. The hit song gave them an anthem that has stood the test of time, which proved true in tonight’s live. A classic for 2 Chainz, among many others, it was the most necessary throwback pick for the battle.

5. Shoutout to the Essential Workers

Both Ross and 2 Chainz are known widely not only for their boss mentality and lyricism, but also their ability to make the club rain with money. After playing his next choice, Ross gave a shoutout to all the strippers, in which 2 Chainz chimed in by calling them “essential workers.” Giving love to all the girls who work in clubs out there. Stay safe.

6. “Bands A Make Her Dance” In Real Life

Immediately following this moment, 2 Chainz played “Bands A Make Her Dance” and as the women got to dancing, and he began throwing bands across the room. A moment for the books, Ross was stunned. He paused for a bit to collect himself before 2 Chainz politely said, “Your turn bro,” which broke the room into laughter.

7. The Biggest Boss

Ross has a ton of songs that tell exactly who he is: A boss. From his verse on Meek Mill’s “I’m a Boss,” which he did play, his top choice was his song, “The Boss” featuring T-Pain. One of the rapper’s more recognizable anthems, this song energized the room, as everyone rushed to throw flames in the comments to give Ross the credit he deserved for making such a hit.

8. Timbaland Cameo

At the halfway point of the Verzuz, each artist is expected to play two songs in a row. So, as that time neared, 2 Chainz asked what number they had reached. Not getting a solid answer, he asked Timbaland, who also didn’t know, if he had been drinking liquor with the rest of the room. Already in position for more, Ross went first dropping “F* With Me You Know I Got It” forcing Timbaland out of his seat and into the camera for a cameo appearance as the three began rocking to the music.

9. Ross Get A Massage to “Devil in A New Dress”

Ross brought out a masseuse for his sore neck while drinking out his bottle of BelAir. His next choice was his verse on Kanye West’s “Devil in a New Dress.” While he got his zen on, the comments went crazy with fire emojis and more love. Knowing the depths of the song, Ross included the instrumental that plays just before his voice laces the track so effortlessly. A moment that put the Live in a standstill for a few, as the guys gathered themselves in silence once the song was cut off.

10. Love To The Leos

In celebration of not only this glorious moment but all the Leos and those celebrating their birthday today, 2 Chainz hit the Live with “Birthday Song.” A must play at every function, “Birthday Song” is a song that never gets old. Giving all the birthday girls and guys a moment to soak it in, the rapper honored them with this banger and a special performance.

11. Rick Ross Took It Deeper Than Rap

Known for motivating hustlers all over, Ross dropped two songs from his third studio album, Deeper Than Rap, ​“Mafia Music” and​ ​“Rich Off Cocaine.”​ A​ surprise moment for his real fans, as neither were mainstream singles but were definitely worth a spin during this Verzuz battle to further show off his depth and lyricism.

12. Rick Ross “Famous” Verse

Kanye’s ​ The Life Of Pablo ​ album left off one verse, which Ross let the world hear for the very first time. The extremely popular song “Famous,” which is known for its risqué video originally featured a verse from the rapper, but got taken off the final cut. The verse hit in true Ross fashion and gave a shoutout to a nude GQ shoot he once did. Pleased with what he heard, 2 Chainz showed love to Ross and the two continued to go hit for hit.

13. It’s a Vibe

As the records continued to play, the guys decided to stop counting and just let the music speak. Ross and 2 Chainz removed the competition aspect, and genuinely enjoyed each other’s presence and music. The energy was felt amongst viewers turning the remaining moments into a party amongst friends.

14. More Unreleased Music

2 Chainz played an unreleased song titled “Money Maker” that he dedicated to all historically Black colleges and universities including his own, Alabama State University. The track, which features Lil’ Wayne, also samples Guy’s “Piece of My Love” and an HBCU band plays instrumentals on it. This gives the song the energy of a club bop.

15. Ending on a Good Note

What many alluded to early on was that 2 Chainz was ready to go. So, once the Verzuz was over, he shared a few positive words to remind everyone to stay healthy and wealthy. He also gave thanks to all of the viewers and fans worldwide. However, he didn’t leave before throwing the rest of his money in the air, while Ross played more of his songs for the outro.

Relive the Verzuz battle on Tidal below.