Blueface has been churning out videos for much of the year, getting his fans ready for his forthcoming release Famous Cryp Reloaded. For his latest, he drops off a couple of clips for the hard-hitting “Yea Yea,” which features the Mexican-American rap group Coyote, and the more laid-back “Traphouse” featuring 03 Greedo and Flash Gottii. “Yea Yea” sees the trio keeping it gangsta over production from Scum Beatz:

“Blueface, baby, yeah, aight, gotta keep a chopstick in my chop, I just copped a house bigger than the cops in the suburbs, I’m the only n***a on my block/

Never leave the house without that yeah, yeah, forty knockin’ off, Gucci headbands, it’s not regular, baby these is baguettes, ‘guettes, million dollar views and some Moët get her more wet, uh/

Catch me at the top gettin’ top, she know I ain’t s*** but she still gon’ bop, pull up, drippin’ in the drop, reach for my chain and you n***as gettin’ popped…/”\\_oYJqk

The visual for “Yea Yea” shows Coyote — which consists of brothers Guapo Cortes and Ricky Blanco — seemingly handling a successful deal before an unfortunate run-in with the cops. Meanwhile, Blueface is enjoying some Hennessy in the company of beautiful women. All of this is interspersed with the three performing somewhere in the desert in front of a lowrider.

The video for “Traphouse” takes the claymation route, with animated versions of the rappers paying homage to Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle artwork, skydiving, enjoying some twerk action and more. The still-incarcerated Greedo brings the entire track together with his melodic hook:

“No sheets on top of my bed, when I be here in the morning, she’s only here when I want it…”

Fans can press play on Blueface’s latest offerings below, including another video for “Section.” All of this heat should continue to hold everyone over until Famous Cryp Reloaded officially makes landfall (July 17).