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For “Studios Sessions,” we delve into the stories behind the long hours in the studio and all that goes into making an album by talking with artists, producers, engineers, photographers, and more who are intimately connected to the recording process with some of the biggest artists in the world. These are the stories that rarely leave the booth.

MITCH became an artist by fate after YG loved his singing on a beat so much that he kept the burgeoning producer on it. That moment became the song “I Know” and over the years, the beatsmith has grown capable of putting out his own projects and his working relationship with YG has become a brotherhood.

“We workout everyday. When we’re in the studio, we’re like brothers. He tells me what I should be talking about,” MITCH told REVOLT. “He always sees me as his little brother that gets all the girls. Whenever we’re in the studio, he wants me to talk about girls, partying, and having fun.”

In this installment of “Studio Sessions,” MITCH describes the YG session that made him an artist, recording his EP Better For You while social distancing, and the Ty Dolla $ign collaborations he has in the chamber. Read below!

How did you link up with YG for Red Friday? 

I was making a lot of beats for YG at the time and I would sing hooks on beats to get him to send them to Travis Scott, [Young] Thug, and other artists he wast trying to get on him album. We were on the “Fuck Donald Trump Tour” and had a show in Athens. I think we stopped in Atlanta at the time, and were in the studio with Migos and 21 Savage working. I was making beats. They were about to go to the club one night and he was like, “Yo, I need some heat when I get back.” When he got back, I had “I Know” done. He was like, “I have to keep you on this. It’s too fire.” That’s how I became an artist.

How long did it take for “I Know” to be finished?

It was crazy. At first, he wasn’t feeling the “I Know” beat. When he left, I was like, “I’m just going to freestyle to this shit.” So, “I Know” is really a freestyle and we just cut that hook from the end of my freestyle verse. I did it in one take. 

How has your recording chemistry with YG evolved over the last four years?

We workout everyday. When we’re in the studio, we’re like brothers. He tells me what I should be talking about. He always sees me as his little brother that gets all the girls. Whenever we’re in the studio, he wants me to talk about girls, partying, and having fun. 

What does YG like in the studio?

That shit is red everywhere. There’s red backgrounds and everything. There’s red lights. There’s also a lot of Don Julio.

How has your recording process changed since becoming an artist?

I like recording in my own element. I like recording in my own house, with my friends around, and my energy. I don’t really like going to a big studio that much aside from doing features and linking up with producers. I like to be at the house to record. Most of the records that were on SPACE were recorded at my crib in Arizona before I moved out here [to Los Angeles]. Girl was recorded entirely by me. I went to Full Sail [University] for recording engineering. 

What’s the home setup? 

It’s really chill. I usually just have “Call of Duty” on or some old school movies. I’m probably smoking some flower. My buddies usually pull up. Some buddies will be working on beats and others would be playing “Call of Duty” in the living room. It’s a big frat house sometimes. We’re all just working and bouncing ideas off one another. When I’m at home, I really get to be one with my thoughts and tap into how I’m really feeling, and what I’m really going through. A lot of times when I’m in the studio and I’m around new people, I’ll make more records like “I Know.” Those records are fun, light records. When I’m at the house and I can really think about what I’ve been dealing with in life, I can make deeper records. 

You also were in the studio with Kamaiyah and Schoolboy Q for your “Addicted To Ballin’’ collab. What was the energy like in that session?

It was great energy. Everyone was dancing. I was probably there all night. I think we stayed there until two or three in the morning. It was crazy. The studio is right there in Hollywood, so we’ll stay in the studio for three hours, go to a restaurant, and come back.

Your Better For You EP is coming out. Did you think you were going to make a project while social distancing?

We were already cooking up. We’ve been cooking up for the project. The quarantine just focused me up to complete it. I’ve probably had the majority of the ideas for half of the records done, and during quarantine, I probably made three more records and finished the ones I already started. 

You have Ty Dolla $ign on a song . How’d you get him?

He’s a big brother to me that I always looked up to. A lot of people say we sound alike. He’s my boy. We probably got five records that we’ve worked on together that haven’t come up. I’m excited to finally have some music out together. The sound of the records are more chill vibes for the ladies and the homies. 

Is the EP done?

Yeah, it’s a wrap. We just started mixing it. It’s turned in. It’s going to be nine tracks. There’s a record on this project called “Hilary Banks” that I freestyled…in the crib with my friends, having fun. That was before quarantine. That was probably the easiest record to make. I probably did the hook in 10 minutes and ended up doing the verses during quarantine.

Speaking with your fellow artists, what are their feelings about recording during this time?

I always tell people I wouldn’t have been doing anything different if we weren’t in quarantine. A lot of other artists are getting equipment and trying to get their studio equipment together, and recording at home. I think a lot of other artists are getting hip to it, but I’ve been used to it. 

What do you expect to happen for your career after social distancing?

It’s perfect timing. I haven’t dropped music in a year and this is the best music that I’ve put out. I’m really excited. I’m just excited for this to be over, so I can be outside and celebrate the music with my peers. Shit is about to be crazy. 


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