Like many artists, Megan Thee Stallion is filling her quarantine days with writing and recording new music. The Houston Hottie appeared virtually for a chat with Jimmy Fallon on Monday (April 20) to reveal that she’s currently working on her debut album and music for what she’s calling “Quarantine Girl Summer.”

“I’ve been recording. That’s the best thing about the quarantine,” she told Fallon. “I would have been working on [the album] anyway, but what else am I doing right now? I’ve just been writing and we set up a little studio in here. So, you know, we’re going to have new music for when we can go back outside.”

The Suga rapper also shared some insight into her writing process.

“A lot of times, I will play the beat and then I start freestyling,” she said. “And then when something cool comes out, I’m like ‘Yeah, let’s keep that.’ I’ll probably freestyle it or I’ll write it down.”

Megan also revealed she prefers to be alone when she’s recording new music.

“I know that I’m probably a little different for my writing style,” she continued. “First of all, I kick everybody out the room because sometimes I’m literally making noises because I know what I want the flow to sound like… I don’t want anyone hearing the process! I don’t want anyone coming in until the song’s done.”

Recently, the #SavageChallenge — inspired by her song “Savage” — has taken over TikTok. According to Megan, the viral challenge has made it all the way to the likes of Courtney Cox, Jessica Alba and Janet Jackson,

“I’m like, ‘Janet Jackson know me!? That’s crazy!” she said. “Now we follow each other on Instagram, so that’s like, I win. Janet Jackson follows me on Instagram.”

The “Hot Girl Summer” artist also detailed what she’ll be donating for the “All In Challenge,” which raises money for various charities that are offering COVID-19 relief. Several celebrities, such as Kevin Hart, Drake, Meek Mill and more have participated in the charity challenge.

“One of my Hotties gets to win a day with me on a music video set,” Megan said. “I’ll fly ‘em out with they friend and they’ll get the whole treatment, like hair, makeup, wardrobe, probably learn a little choreo and just get to come hang out with me and be in the video.”

Beyond the “All In Challenge,” Megan previously partnered with Amazon to gift money and Fire Tablets to a Houston assisted living facility. Furthermore, she also launched her Twitter #SugaSpree, where she donated to fans directly through Cash App.

“I was gonna donate some money to this assisted living facility in Houston, Park Manor, and Amazon just matched what I was donating,” she said. “They also gave away some Fire Tablets because, you know, you can’t go see your grandparents right now.

“I know a lot of my Hotties are college students, high school students, and I know that you can’t go to work, really,” she continued. “So I thought, you know what, I gotta team up with Cash App because I want to send the Hotties some money.”

Last month, Megan released her Suga EP. At the time, she revealed that her legal battle with 1501 Certified Entertainment had pushed her to release the project as an EP, rather than hold off until her debut album was ready.

“I’m not even gonna call it an album, because I’m still in the middle of making my album,” she told Hot 97 at the time. “When the situation came up, I’m like, ‘Oh my god I gotta put out this music. I don’t want to just leave my fans with nothing ‘cause I don’t know what’s gonna happen.’ The music that I have made and the songs that I really really like so far, I was like, ‘Let’s just drop this sh*t on the EP.’”

See her whole conversation with Fallon below.