Celebrities have had more time on their hands since the world was shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Producers and songwriters have been going head-to-head on Instagram Live battling it out to see who had the better hits. It all started last week when Swizz Beatz battled against Timbaland.

Social media users are now making up their own battles. It started with Quincy Jones against Kanye West, then it went to Trey Songz versus Usher. Now, they want to know who would win in an Instagram Live roast battle between Kevin Hart and Katt Williams.

The matchup was first tweeted by @comedyHype_ and the post quickly went viral.

One fan tweeted, “In a roasting battle? Aye man Kevin Hart got some jokes that’ll make you wanna fight. But Katt Williams would make you wanna kill him lol. Katt might obliterate Kevin Lol. 20-20 joke off? Katt 14 Kevin 6.”

Another fan tweeted, “Katt Williams toasted a woman at her job so bad. Her husband pulled a gun on him.”

A third user tweeted, “So Katt Williams & Kevin Hart are trending over who’s the funniest. Let’s put it like this Katt Williams is black people funny & Kevin Hart is white people funny & EVERYBODY knows black people are funnier than the whites.”

Another user wrote, “I’ve had the opportunity to watch both of them but I’m a Kevin Hart fan so I have to go with Kevin.”

Neither comedians have made any comment regarding the post, so we doubt that it will actually happen. If you are looking to see an actual battle take place on Instagram, make sure you check out T-Pain versus Lil Jon this Saturday (Apr. 4) at 9 pm EST. The two will go head-to-head on Instagram Live and showcase their best 20 songs.

Check out Twitter reactions below.