In the current age of social distancing, Pusha T took a different route than the traditional broadcast interview and instead linked up with fans for an AMA via Discord. Throughout the almost two-hour chat, the Virginia-bred mainstay revealed that he’s currently working on three new projects, collaborations with famed producer Madlib and more.

“I’m working on that right now, actually,” he answered a fan who asked the all-important question: “When’s the next album?”

“I’m actually working on three projects right now,” King Push further revealed. “So, you know, with everything that’s going on in the world right now, of course we’re not all together. But I’m well in on my next project.”

Around the 12-minute mark, a few fans chimed in to ask whether the projects see any collaborations with Benny the Butcher or other Griselda members.

“No features as of yet — it’s looking kind of selfish right now, to be honest,” Pusha said. “I got lots to say… Lots to address.”

The rapper also reflected on the success of his most recent full-length album Daytona, which was released in 2018.

“It’s been a good time,” he said. “Personally, from 2018 ‘till now, I’m still happy with where Daytona is, where it’s placed and how it’s stood up to the test of time.”

“But I think what we’re on now… This new sh*t…” Pusha teased.

Later on in the chat, the “Trouble On My Mind” rapper confirmed he’s in the works on some upcoming material with Madlib and —potentially — Tyler, the Creator.

“We’re cooking,” Pusha said about the mega producer. “That’s really all I can really say about it… You know, with me and producers, to me, it’s like I’m going to school. So, he’s just like another teacher to me.”

“We’re cooking this year, like now,” he said, adding that he and Madlib have a “hard-drive full of gems” in stock.

As for Tyler, his previous collaborator, Pusha revealed that the IGOR rapper previously sent him several beats to try out.

“Tyler gave me a pack of like nine [beats], and I think I did like four or five of ‘em… I don’t know where they’re gonna end up at, but I got ‘em,” he said.

Although, none of the songs veer in the experimental hip hop direction, which Tyler is currently known for.

“I make him go straight hip hop. Like, full-fledged,” he continued. “At this part of my life, I don’t wanna experiment with anything, I only wanna do the filthiest of hip hop.”

Ultimately, Pusha says his goal is to have “one of the best discographies in hip hop” before quitting — if he ever does.

Listen to his full Discord conversation below.