Rich The Kid continues to deliver high quality visuals from his new album Boss Man. His latest is for the track “No Loyalty,” which is produced by DJ Moon & DY Krazy and — as the title suggests — sends a message to all who feel that everyone around them are really looking out for their best interests:

“These n***as ain’t loyal, you can’t trust ‘em/

If I had the choppa, I’ll bust ‘em/

You wanted all but now you ended up with nothin’/

There ain’t no loyalty, you n***as all disgusting/

I’ma ball in your face just so you can see/

Put Chanel all on my b***h ‘cause she like double C/

Your pockets empty, you can’t pay the price of loyalty/

Why you talkin’ ‘bout the bag but you can’t pay the fee?/”

The visual is short and simple yet very effective, with shots of Rich The Kid at the corner store and club interspersed with some untrustworthy moments that many of the viewers should be able to relate to.

In related news, the Rich Forever artist also dropped a clip for “Easy,” an even shorter video that sees Rich The Kid flexing over a Brooklyn/UK drill-esque beat, courtesy of CuBeatz and AXL Beats:

“Throw it back, she want a Birkin but she can’t get none of that/

Ass fat, she want a rack, I told her to make it clap/

Last night, I made a hunnid easy/

I usually charge, but she could get a freebie/

My last b***h, she said she didn’t need me/

Now she broke and bust it for the free-ski/

Ooh, I done bought the Lamborghini…/”

You can check out the music videos for both “No Loyalty” and “Easy” below. Boss Man can still be streamed via all major streaming platforms, as well.