Kodak Black has been behind bars for some time and according to XXL, during a recent video call from prison, the Florida rapper spoke on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the prison where he is serving time for federal gun charges.

“We had lost power like three times. Right, corona sh-t got sh-t f—ked up out there, huh,” he said. “It’s sad, I just hope that when the world ends I am not in prison bro, cause all these tragedies and sh-t be sad bro. Like how can this sh-t happen like that just turn around and kill all these people, like that.”

Kodak went on to confirm that he has a new album on the way, saying, “The music ain’t nothing, that’s the easy part. I’m just getting my mind right.”

He added, “Hell yeah, Kill Bill finna drop.”

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, revealed on Thursday (March 19) that the rapper is paying it forward to the kids in his community. Kodak is looking to donate 625 books to children at Broward County Schools in Florida amid the spreading of COVID-19.

“Even when he knows it wont help his situation, he still gives not because of an ulterior motive, but because that’s what he does,” Cohen wrote on Instagram Thursday (March 19). “How many rappers that have been locked up help out from the box?”

XXL reports that Kodak is striving to help grades first through fifth meet Florida State reading standards while on home during quarantine status. The students will also receive supplies and notebooks, in addition to the books the rapper is donating.

Kodak has reportedly spent $5,000 in order to make the donation to Broward County Schools happen. The schools are currently closed until at least April 15, but the rapper’s team is working to have the books and supplies donated directly to students’ homes.