Last week, Machine Gun Kelly liberated his new single “Bullets With Names,” which follows his more experimental release “Why Are You Here” and is said to be taken from his upcoming album Tickets To My Downfall. Now, the Wonda and Ronny J-produced track gets a new music video courtesy of Sam Cahill, which showcases a lot of behind the scenes footage from last year’s tour. Naturally, it’s a party backstage, complete with snakes, women, drugs and more…the usual rock star fare that you’d come to expect from the artists involved.

One of the most striking takeaways from “Bullets With Names” is when Machine Gun Kelly seemingly sends off a new diss in long-time foe Eminem’s direction:

“I got a bullet with somebody’s name on it/

I get up on ‘em, I don’t need no aim on it/

Killed me a goat so my jacket got stains on it…/

Wiping my nose like I got some cocaine on it/

Pulled out his coffin and ate me a plate on it…/”

Stemming from comments Machine Gun Kelly made about Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers, Em surprised his fellow Midwest rival with a diss on 2018’s Kamikaze, turning an exchange of comments about radio bans and subtle jabs on wax into an all out war between the two. Shortly thereafter, MGK and Slim Shady exchanged even more direct disses via “Rap Devil” and “Killshot,” respectively. Until now, all had pretty much gone quiet with this “beef” — whether or not Eminem will respond is yet to be seen.

In the meantime, you can press play on “Bullets With Names” below. In related news, Machine Gun Kelly and collaborator YUNGBLUD recently found themselves drinking and performing during a livestream to pass the time during the world’s steadily increasing coronavirus outbreak. You can check out what went down here.