Ice Cube stopped by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” to talk about his new movie, how the Coronavirus will affect the BIG3, and how he “stalked” the late Kobe Bryant to try to get him to join the BIG3.

When asked about what the BIG3 will do during the Coronavirus pandemic, Cube replied, “We still doing our thing. We got a contingency plan, though. We going to Memphis. We plan to come to New York.”

Cube also says that the season plans to still start on Jun. 20.

“We decided to have six of our games in Los Angeles, in a nice contained, you know. It’s not an arena. We gon make it dope though.”

He then said that he was “excited” to see the more contained set design that the league has planned. Cube says that hopefully, the Coronavirus will “blow over” while they are on the road.

DJ Envy then asked Cube about his conversations with Kobe Bryant about possibly playing in the BIG3 before his untimely passing.

“Hell yeah it was conversation,” Cube replied. “I stalked that man. Everyday I would call him ‘Kobe what’s up man? You playing?’ He said, ‘Cube, I’m done.’ And I’m like ‘You done? You mean done, done? Aight, imma call you tomorrow.’”

He continued, “I was stalking that dude man to play, you know he was the biggest fish we could catch, and he was actually done. He didn’t wanna play no more.”

A few days after Bryant’s fatal helicopter crash, Cube spoke about what he loved about the NBA legend on “The Ellen Show.”

“Man, what I loved about Kobe is that he wasn’t just satisfied with God’s given talents. He wanted to be even better than the talents that God gave him, and so that’s amazing,” he said. “That’s an amazing person ‘cause most people say, ‘Look, I got these gifts. I’mma just kick back and just cruise.’ And he showed you, no, you can always take it even further, and when you think you’re at the top, you can take it even further. We loved Kobe’s spirit more than anything.”

Take a look at Cube’s interview with the “The Breakfast Club” below.