In celebration of her recently released Suga EP, Megan Thee Stallion has decided to give back to her loyal Hottie fanbase. On Thursday, the Houston-bred rapper announced that she’d be sprinkling some sweetness in her followers’ bank accounts if they dropped their Cash App account names on her Twitter.

“Hey hotties since y’all have been going so hard supporting me I wanna support y’all and bless them pockets real quick!!!” she tweeted. “We’re abt to have a #SUGASPREE ! Drop y’all’s cash app names.”

Fans quickly flocked to the comments, with several Twitter users sharing screenshots of their new deposits from Megan Thee Stallion herself.

This month, Meg has promoted her new EP with several visuals, including “B.I.T.C.H.” and “Captain Hook.” The latter was preempted by a viral social media challenge that the rapper launched on Tuesday (March 10).

Suga arrived amidst troubles with Meg’s label 1501 Certified Entertainment and its label CEO, Carl Crawford. Megan accused the label of stopping her from putting out music after she tried to negotiate her contract.

“When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract,” she first revealed on Instagram Live. “I was young, I think I was like 20. And, I didn’t know everything that was in that contract. So when I signed with Roc Nation, I got real management, I got real lawyers, and they was like ‘do you know this is in your contract?’ I was like, ‘oh damn, that’s crazy no I didn’t know.’”

“Soon as I said, I wanna renegotiate my contract, everything went left,” she contend. “It just all went bad, it all went left. So now they’re telling a bitch that she can’t drop no music. It’s really just like, a greedy game.”

Megan subsequently filed a restraining order against Crawford and 1501, which allowed her to release Suga last Friday (March 6). In turn, Crawford has denied all of Megan’s allegations and instead accused her of withholding money from the label.

Revisit her most recent “Captain Hook” video below.