Lil Uzi Vert might finally be giving his fans what they want.

During a recent Instagram live session, Uzi teased that his long-awaited Eternal Atake album was on the way. “Eternal Atake! Two weeks!” he shouted while driving at 95 mph.

A few days ago, a fan told Uzi that he should drop the album before Rihanna drops her long-awaited ninth album. “We on the same team if I drop she drop IF SHE DROP I DROP,” tweeted Uzi. Both artists are signed to Roc Nation.

Eternal Atake is a follow-up to Uzi’s 2017 Luv Is Rage 2. He first announced the album back in 2018, but the release of the album was held up over issues with his label, Generation Now.

The “Money Longer” rapper also offered tips for artists trying to drop an album under crooked labels.

“If you want your album 2 drop Number One rule don’t hang with the boss girlfriend,” Uzi wrote. “If you want your album 2 drop be patient let the guilty answer all the blogs. FREE UZI.”

After having trouble with his label, Uzi signed a management deal with Roc Nation.

At his “Lil Uzi Vert & Friends” concert last year, he told his fans that the album was complete. “I know y’all wondering when I’ma drop my album. I’m finally done with that joint,” he said.

In December, he dropped “Futsal Shuffle 2020,” which is the lead single from the upcoming album. He released a clip of the song and he showed off the accompanying dance and challenged his fans to do the #FutsalShuffle along with him. He tweeted “The Single that I’m going with From Eternal Atake is a Dance Record called FUTSAL ⚽️ . THE DANCE IS CALLED THE FUTSAL SHUFFLE . THE FUTSAL SHUFFLE WILL TAKE OVER 2020.” The song became a viral dance craze and earned Uzi the No. 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Check out the video of Uzi conforming the album’s release date below.