So, let’s get the proverbial elephant in the room out of the way. Yes, the commercial realization of this particular blend of styles first hit viral numbers thanks to the immensely talented Lil Nas X. With that said, newly minted Bad Realm/Atlantic Records artist and quickly rising star Breland is making his predecessor’s single look novelty compared to his beautiful merging of the country and hip hop genres. Recently, the Atlanta-based singer-songwriter delivered his breakthrough single, “My Truck,” which is already burning up radio stations and streaming platforms left and right. As explained by the artist himself, via press release:

“I tried to make a tune to bring people together. I wanted to have fun, be creative, and bridge the gap between country and trap. In Atlanta, country and trap are the two biggest genres, so I was exposed to both of them all of the time. On ‘My Truck’, I decided to tell a story with a little bit of me in it. Truck owners love their trucks like they love their dogs or children.”

“My Truck” sees production Troy Taylor & Kal V, which allows Breland to get straight to the point about anyone looking to mess with his vehicle:

“You can drink my liquor, you can call my lady/

You can take my money, you can smoke my blunt/

Scuff these Jordan’s, you can say you hate me/

You can call me crazy, but don’t touch my truck/

Wood grain dash with the matte black finish/

And it match my shawty with the big ol’ butt/

Know them boys soft ‘cause they got hard feelings/

You can try me if you wanna go test your luck…/”

Press play on “My Truck” below and expect more bending of the rules with Breland as he moves forward in his promising career.