Age really ain’t nothing but a number. Hip hop as an artform was first made popular by the youth, and its said youth that will also drive the direction of the culture, doesn’t matter the generation you’re referring to. With that said, the rising stars of this generation are the ones really making the calls in regards to how said culture will move forward.

Case in point: Quavo’s new artist, Street Bud, is already crafting quality cuts for the dance floor at 15 years old. Today, that culminates into the new album Back 2 The Lab, which sees 14 bass-heavy tracks and features from Sheck Wes, DAYYTONA FOX, Doonk, Lil Donald, and — of course — Quavo.

The album’s opening track, “Open House,” shows a confident Street Bud who’s ready to take his crown:

“I’m goin’ crazy, they know it/

I don’t want snakes in my grass so I mow it/

I hit the store wit a bag and I blow it/

Huncho gon’ pass me the ball, and I throw it/

She left the car at the house so I drove it/

This party is packed, and I didn’t promote it/

We goin’ so crazy, we causin’ commotion…./”

Originally from Winston-Salem, NC, Street Bud eventually found himself in current hip hop mecca Atlanta, GA, where — after releasing his debut project, Get Cha Mind Right, in 2016 — he ended up becoming a contestant on season four of Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game. This then landed him on Quavo’s radar, eventually earning Street Bud a deal under the Migos’ member’s Huncho Records imprint. The rest, as we say, is history.

Press play on Back 2 The Lab below.


  1. “Open House” (Feat. Quavo)
  2. “Rain”
  3. “Get It”
  4. “Beach House”
  5. “Ain’t Nuthin”
  6. “What’s The Move”
  7. “Goat”
  8. “Rock It” (Feat. Sheck Wes)
  9. “Whole Gang”
  10. “I Like U” (Feat. Lil Donald)
  11. “Of Course”
  12. “Cool Kids”
  13. “Love” (Feat. DAYYTONA FOX)
  14. “Good Die Young” (Feat. Doonk)